Diva Smooth - The Hair Revolution
                                 Chemical-Free...Green Alternative!
         For Silky Straight & Lustrously Smooth Hair.
                       Works on All Hair Types

 If you've ever had....
  • A chemical relaxer
  • A Japanese Hair Treatment
  • Thermal Conditioning
  • If you have Natural Hair
  • What ever the state or texture of your Hair...
  • If you want lustrously smooth hair that's full of body  
                        This Is For You!!!
The 2013 New Label for Diva Smooth! 

  Diva the infamous creator of Diva Smooth has been in the beauty industry since 1996 , The Detroit native and Virginia licensed cosmologists has been extremely busy in the last few years perfecting her signature Diva Smooth product,     Diva Smooth is definitely leaving a mark in the natural hair care market, Diva Smooth the ultimate smoothing treatment for natural,  transitioning or relaxed hair is a finely tuned mixture of all natural ingredients that prepares hair for an unbelievable smooth flat iron finish! ! 
Diva Smooth is steadily becoming the premier alternative to chemically straightened hair with continuous use of the product the clients hair becomes increasingly healthier as hair is infused with loving natural ingredients' these ingredients also provide a protective layer from flat iron heat, 
---- Booking Diva for a Class
With a growing network of salons and retailers now stocking Diva Smooth the need for education has escalated!  The Diva Smooth experience Class is taught by Diva herself or a certified Diva Smooth Stylist!  As more and more women transition to natural hair its becoming critical for stylist to educate themselves on caring for natural hair and transitioning hair,  this class will introduce the stylist to the many benefits of Diva Smooth and it's supporting cast of Diva Smooth signature Hair Oils
Twisted Lemon,  Orange Velvet,  Tropical Diva and lets not forget Coconut Blast
Be educated as you learn the hints and tips foe giving your client a true Diva Smooth experience
Be inspired as Diva shares from her life and styling experience
Be pleasantly surprised as the down to earth Diva shares her journey to becoming the creator of Diva Smooth 
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Chaska Griffith of Timpson, TX says. "I only flat iron twice a year but make sure I Diva Smooth beforehand." (via Facebook)

Janet Lambert of Phenix, VA, "My Smooth look, Thanks Diva Smooth!" (via Facebook)

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